Textured Soy Protein Machine

1.Capacity: 100kg/h-5ton/h
2.Place of Origin: China
3.Machinery Test Report : Provided
4.Video outgoing-inspection: Provided
5.Certification: CE, ISO9001, etc.
6.Customized service: Support Customization

Machine Introduction
Machine Details

Description: Textured soy protein production line

Soy meat, or soya meat, a meat analogue or nutritious meat extender is made through a process known as extrusion cooking with defatted soy flour as raw material. After the soya protein food is extruded from the dies of extruder plant, the food is sliced into granules, flakes, chunks, nuggets, goulash, steakettes by revolving knives, then dried in a rotary dryer.

The production line is made of stainless steel, it is with reasonable design and with high automation; The screws is made of alloy steel, with building block system structure and self-cleaning function.

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Video : Textured soy protein making machine

Samples Show: Textured soy protein machine

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Raw material:Textured soy protein machine
Low temperature soybean flakes, soybean powder, corn flour and other grains etc.


Technical parameter: Textured soy protein production line

ModelMain motor powerOutputSize
CY57 Double screw30-55kw150-250kg/h3500*800*2500mm
CY75 Double screw50-110kw300-500kg/h5000*1250*3500mm
CY95 Double screw110-200kw600-1200kg/h6000*1250*3600mm


Machine Details: Textured soy protein production line


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Textured soy protein processing line

Textured soy protein machine

1. Mixer 2. Screw conveyor 3. Double screw extruder 4. Air conveyor  5. Dryer



Textured Soy Protein Machine 1.png



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