Nutrition Rice Machine

1.Capacity: 100kg/h-5ton/h
2.Place of Origin: China
3.Machinery Test Report : Provided
4.Video outgoing-inspection: Provided
5.Certification: CE, ISO9001, etc.
6.Customized service: Support Customization

Machine Introduction
Machine Details

Description: Nutrition Rice production line

This Nutrition Rice production line has high automation degree. It takes the rice, millet, black rice, buckwheat and all kinds of corns and cereals as raw material, the vitamin, protein and mineral composition is added, then they are extruded and become the rice appearance again. This process is easy, convenient and has the same edible method as the natural rice.

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Video : Artificial rice machine

Samples Show: Nutrition Rice machine

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Raw material: instant rice production line

Rice, millet, black rice, buckwheat and all kinds of corns and cereal etc.


Technical parameter: Artificial rice production line

ModelInstalled powerPower consumptionOutputSize
CY 85-II135.5kw105.6kw200-250kg/h33000*1800*2500mm


Machine Details: Nutrition Rice production line


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Nutrition Rice processing line

Nutrition Rice machine

1. Mixer 2. Double screw extruder 3. Vibration cooler

4. Air conveyor  5. Dryer  6. Hoister 7. Vibration cooler

8. High temperature dryer  9. Air conveyor 10. Dryer

11. Cooling machine

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